Lunascape Wallet Ver. 1.2.0, supporting WalletConnect and EIP-3085

 | 2022-06-08

SHIBUYA, Tokyo- April 5, 2022 - G.U. Technologies, a blockchain startup, today announced that it has released its Ethereum wallet “Lunascape Wallet” Ver. 1.2.0, supporting WalletConnect and EIP- 3085. This Lunascape Wallet features simple and easy use for anyone.

Lunascape Wallet

1.WalletConnect Support

WalletConnect is a widely used Web3 connection protocol that enables easy and secure connection and login between wallets and DApps. It offers encrypted and safe connection with OpenSea or metaverse applications (DApps) on Lunascape Wallet via scanning QR code or clicking deeplink. The protocol also includes push notification on each transaction or other call requests, allowing users to receive transaction notification or authorization requests.

Easy login to OpenSea with WalletConnect

2. EIP-3085 Support

EIP-3085 is an automatic network detection that could sort out and find chain information a user is seeking for on the website and could add networks and tokens just by user authorizations. The following information will be displayed on the network detection dialog.

  • Chain name
  • Chain ID
  • Currency symbols
  • Block explorer URL

As Ethereum compatible networks increase, wallet users more and more will have to manually add these new Ethereum networks, leading to growing needs for solutions against this inconvenience. Lunascape Wallet with EIP-3085 support will answer this problem with easy and simple use of automatic network detection or base token settings on each network.

  • EIP-3085 documents link
  • Lunascape Wallet on Chrome Web Store link

Automatic network detection

3. Listing Display

With its card-based design, Lunascape Wallet allows everyone from beginners to experienced users to handle it easily. As so many projects and tokens are being released nowadays, this design will provide simple displaying lists of multiple tokens in the wallet, making it easier for users to see them in one single sight.

Card view (Left) and Listing view (Right)


■ About Lunascape Wallet

Lunascape Wallet is a DApps-enabled Ethereum wallet with easy and secure use for everyone from beginners to advanced users. It could also be used in NFT transactions and DApps-enabled DeFi (decentralized finance). The Wallet is currently available as an extension in the Google Chrome Web Store and obtained the "Established Publisher badge," which certifies the extension being created by a developer abiding by the Chrome Web Store Developer Program policies and has no outstanding violations.

Main Features of Lunascape Wallet

1. World-standard Ethereum wallet

With worldwide use in mind, Lunascape Wallet is installed with excellent functions just as high-performance and high-quality as Ethereum wallet “MetaMask” which is currently the most used wallet worldwide. As Lunascape Wallet works with existing wallets including Metamask and could import those addresses, users will be able to instantly start using it. Is also works on DeFi service on major Ethereum such as "OpenSea," the world's largest NFT marketplace, Uniswap (, world famous DeFi App network, or Compound (, leading DeFi platform.

2. Card-based design, easy use for anyone

Lunascape Wallet is designed in card-style that integrates token and network, pursuing simple and safe use for users, from beginners to advanced users. Though the token and the network on which it is issued are often one and the same, existing wallets manage those separately so that it makes users extremely difficult to use. Lunascape Wallet solves this problem by introducing the switchover system in which the user can shift the token and network together by only one swipe whether left or right. This could avoid mistakenly transferring tokens on different networks and could thus secure the safe use. Other features include the ability to create multiple accounts, account switching, and address book functions, aiming to become the Wallet that anyone can trust for its easy and safe use.

3. Reliable safety design protecting privacy

Lunascape Wallet concerns and protects user privacy by holding a blacklist function that can block services to which you do not want to connect as well as a whitelist function that allows connection to certain services. Those functions together protect your privacy by preventing your wallet address from being disclosed to websites without your permission.

■ About Lunascape Wallet developing team and G.U. Technologies services

Lunascape Wallet is developed entirely in house led by the development team of “Lunascape”, a high-speed browser that has accumulated a total of 20 million users. G.U. Technologies develops and operates other services such as mentioned below.

high-speed and ad-blocking browser (both desktop and mobile apps available)

BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) that enable anyone to build blockchain easily

Ethereum-compatible test net that offers immediate experience of blockchain development

Latest blockchain-related information website

Japan-based Ethereum-compatible blockchain consortium operation

Other services including blockchain consulting, solution service, and blockchain consortium operation


G.U.Sandbox ChainやG.U.Blockchain Cloud、ブロックチェーン・Ethereum・NFT・DeFi(分散金融)・DAppsの情報を発信していきます。

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